PAMR UltraLatex

Cement plasticiser that is useful as an additive for concrete and mortars.

Excellent for repairs of RCC beams, columns, slabs, and other RCC members. It is also used for waterproofing of terrace, toilets, and masonry walls.

Packaging units : 500 GM | 1 KG | 5 KG | 10 KG | 20 KG
Product type : Liquid
Colours : N/A

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  • Workability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durability
  • Repairs to RCC beams, Columns, slabs and other RCC members
  • In repair mortars/concretes
  • Waterproofing of terrace, toilets, chajja, masonry walls
  • Waterproofing for mortars / concretes