PAMR ElastoSuper

High performance and highly flexible elastomeric coating for exposed roofs.

Polymer modified cementitious flexible waterproof coating bridges hairline cracks in concrete. Perfect for use as a waterproof coating in basements, roof slabs, water retaining structures, sunken slabs, terrace slabs, water tanks, bathrooms, damp walls, foundations, etc.

Packaging units : 12.5 KG
Product type : Two component
Colours : N/A

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Total : 0kg
  • Easy to apply
  • UV resistant
  • Crack resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Low VOC
  • Swimming pools, water tanks and reservoirs
  • Concrete roofs, basements, and basement walls
  • Bathrooms, toilets, sunken portions
  • Balconies, parapet walls or planter boxes
  • Podiums