PAMR construction chemicals are specifically formulated to yield better results, increasing the strength and durability of building materials while also aiding in the sustainability of the project.

PAMR construction chemicals are used with cement, concrete, or other building materials at the time of construction of the project. Adding PAMR construction solutions to raw materials makes construction economically feasible. The usage of building material for construction and repair is significantly reduced as projects that have used PAMR solutions tend to provide strong and durable structures. It gives a better prospect towards a healthy environment by reducing the use of various natural resources like water, sand, and other naturally sourced building materials, attaining similar, even better results with the use of construction chemicals.

Various creative and complex infrastructure developments have become possible owing to the added benefits of PAMR construction chemicals. With increasing complex projects like high-rise buildings, tunnels & bridges, pre-cast structures, high-strength roads, and many more, sustainability with the help of construction chemicals has become an industry essential.

Our solutions include products like concrete admixtures, sealants, grouts, concrete curing products, waterproofing chemicals, and asphalt modifiers. These chemicals make up about 2-3% of the overall building materials of any project.

As per reports, the construction chemicals market in India is estimated to reach a market value of US$ 21.6 Billion by 2031. PAMR industries drive a force for the growth of infrastructure by its range of products that are specially designed at our avant-garde laboratory by a highly experienced research and development team. We provide unmatched chemistry for construction with cutting-edge technology and world-class solutions to all kinds of construction challenges.

Concrete Admixtures

Driving down costs while increasing the durability of the project is one of the major benefits of using PAMR concrete admixtures.

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Grouts and Anchors

Grouting solutions by PAMR are used to fill gaps, voids, and spaces that occur in a structure during or after construction, leading to overall enhancement and protection of the structure.

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Industrial Flooring

PAMR offers flooring solutions that are designed to achieve durable, resilient and easy-to-maintain floors for the industrial sector.

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PAMR offers waterproofing solutions that ensure the complete removal of dampness and leakage in any section of the building.

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Cement Grinding Aid

PAMR offers a variety of products to enhance the cement grinding process for improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

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PAMR offers an extensive range of tile adhesive solutions that are fit for diverse use, such as fixing tiles, decorative items, ceramic, granite, and mosaic.

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Concrete Repair

While concrete deterioration is natural, PAMR offers repair solutions that can improve the sustainability and strength of the structure.

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Joint Sealants

PAMR joint sealants have usage throughout construction, with their wide range of applications based on their properties such as enhancing durability, flexibility and weather resistance.

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Protective Coatings

PAMR protective coatings provide highly-specialized and superior protection to extend the lifespan of the buildings.

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Surface treatments

PAMR provides multiple surface treatment solutions to help prevent the loss of moisture from concrete, hence producing a stronger structure.

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