PAMR construction chemicals enable the building of durable projects at all stages of construction - the planning, the financing and eventually its design and execution.

The construction industry is very diverse in terms of sectors of application as well as the product lines and techniques being utilized. Construction of projects has been a part of human civilization since the dawn of time and continues to be a crucial sign of a developed society. The primary sectors of construction are divided into 3 parts:

  • -Building construction – which further splits into residential and non-residential constructions.
  • -Infrastructure construction – also called heavy engineering, includes projects like dams, bridges, highways, wastewater and utility distributions, and the like.
  • -Industrial construction - includes offshore constructions like mining, quarrying, energy installations, refineries, chemical processing, and more.

ENR or Engineering News-Record, a US-based construction trade magazine, has further split the sectors into 9 market segments - transportation, hazardous waste, buildings, manufacturing, power, petroleum, industrial, water, sewer/waste, telecom, and a tenth category for other projects.

PAMR solutions find their application and expertise in all the sectors of construction, aiding in fast-paced constructions. They have made the creation of complex structures possible with high-quality construction chemicals. Their wide range of products and solutions ensure desired effects in specific kinds of projects, yielding world-class constructions that are durable.

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